Mission Statement

The Emergency Children’s Help Organization “ECHO” is a non-profit 501 (c)(3) organization dedicated to providing financial assistance to a child experiencing a challenging medical or living emergency. ECHO’s goal is to help ease the burden financially, along with brightening the child’s life during a time of crisis.

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Helping Children & Families In A Time Of Need

ECHO is comprised of dedicated caring people whose sole purpose is to brighten a family’s path during a difficult journey. Our hope is that our assistance will make a difference to improve their current circumstances both financially and spiritually.

ECHO’s founder, Sebastian Angelico, has assembled a diverse Board of Directors, whose unquestionable motivation and agenda is to help children. Sebastian has always supported charitable organizations ranging from those helping children to those helping the elderly. His vision for ECHO was borne from his desire to help children who lack the necessary resources to receive proper medical assistance or who may be battling a living emergency. “When I learn of a child who is in need, I believe ECHO will be able to help”.

“We hear…We care…We share!”

Apply For A Grant

If you are interested in applying for a grant with ECHO, please follow the link below to view the criteria each applicant must meet, as well as more information on the entire process.

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